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Brother, Sister... lemme tell you. I've BEEN THERE.
I know what you're going through!

If by some miracle you're seeing this despite being on the street in either Los Angeles, or Kansas City, CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY! I'll give you the straight dope on how to turn it all around. I can help out primarily in two locations: Kansas City, which will receive a quicker and more substantial response, and Los Angeles, were I can get you physically in front of people who can help - dial my Google Voice number: 714-251-6033

You aren't forgotten in my book!

My art is HEAVILY influenced by my own time as a homeless veteran, and my heart still bleeds for those who aren't yet housed, regardless of the numerous reasons that may have lead to the situation. Further, I'm absolutely APPALLED and feel all but HELPLESS and POWERLESS when I stand beneath the shadow of VETERAN SUICIDE rates. It's simply staggering, with the base numbers representing TWENTY TWO deaths, per day!

As a result, you'll find my lyrical content is very specific on these points. Two great examples include "Another Drop In The Bucket" and "Long Way From Home". Both are available to stream below.

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