Coming Home

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Thoughts flooding my mind as I leave a little piece of desert behind - a place I call "home" and visit for only a week of each year.

(That's a double-rainbow in the desert in the photo - look close.)

My post-playa induced decompression moment. Rough, and fun. I had a Joe Satriani sort of tone in mind for the lead guitar, but the studio is starting to show its limitations already. I did have quite a bit of fun splicing short copies of the lead phrase in at the end, one track bouncing slightly behind the other, then out of phase, and back again. It's an interesting feel, that I expect I'll be repeating with more accurate measurement in the future. [I'm lazy in Pro Tools and usually let things run in the Spot or Grid mode so things quantize, even if in a minuscule fashion, to a time reference other than what I'm feeling as I play with it. Ultimately, I should slip into "Slip" mode for more precision.]

The rhythm is an acoustic bit that came to me, guitar in hand on the front porch immediately after returning home from Burning Man, when everyone else had finally gone home and the silence became deafening. Smoking what I hoped but knew would not be the last cigarette of my life, I reflected on the past twelve months - net gains, net losses, and some very beautiful moments and special characters in between.

The lead is a quickie, one take essentially with all errors in their raw glory. I give you "Coming Home". Registered & Protected<br />



Dustin Decker
All rights reserved
Release date:  
September 10, 2007

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