One Bad Grandma

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"One Bad Grandma" comes from a humorous story about my Aunt and her grandson.

Big Wind

My dear friend Diana Marie scribbled these lyrics on a series of napkins a couple months ago at Blayney's in Westport.... she'd come to see me play at the open blues jam and all that.


37 (thirty-seven) is the natural number following 36 and preceding 38. It is a prime number, the fifth lucky prime, the first irregular prime, the third unique prime.

As Yet Untitled

Just a groovy bit of comping a Bm11 and Bm6 chord, with some fun Dorian Mode lead drooling on top. It's another "quicky".

Track 1 - BFD Drums (MIDI) Stereo
Track 2 - Epiphone EJ-160 Direct (Left)
Track 3 - Epiphone EJ-160 - Beta58A Mic (RIght)
Track 4 - '72 Telecaster Thinline - GNX4 - Orange AD30TC - SM57
Track 5 - D-Verb AUX Mix. (Stereo)

Kansas City - The First Time

"The First Time", I exposed myself musically in Kansas City. Some are imprinted as "One Bad Grandma", a project name I used often during this time frame. Recorded essentially between 2005 and 2008.

These songs document my initial foray into self-published music beginning with Pro Tracks Plus (included with my Digitech GNX4) through Cakewalk, and eventually landing on Pro Tools.

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