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One on One Guitar Lessons available!

Students I work with will need access to a few documents I've cobbled together over time, mostly out of necessity to teach _myself_ something that's been presented in so many baffling formats. Generally they'll be authored in Google Docs, and shared with a "view only" access.

The Wheel and Bus Stops - Where Do I Start?

Some Basic Chord Theory for Guitarists

Common Guitar Intervals

Getting Started with the C Major Scale as Found on the Guitar

Some Beginning Guitar Chords built on the C Major Scale

More Scales

Fun with 6/9 Chords

Butterflies - Shapes in E and A

Blank Chord Template
Blank Tablature Template
Blank Scale Diagram

Suggested applications:
Perfect Ear (Android)
Perfect Ear 2 (Android)

Links: Going Further/Deeper:
The Cipher
dolmetsch online
Music Theory Online

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