Website Cleanup, Works in Progress

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There seemed to just be... clutter... everywhere.
So I flipped some bits, went lean... and am slowly replacing information I wish to keep available.

Anxiously awaiting a USPS delivery that will bring the tone monster into the home studio in front of a microphone. Can't wait!

You'll also notice I'm making a "policy" for myself on the whole Soundcloud thing. I'll post "works in progress" which are currently on a Soundcloud playlist called "Bits And Pieces I'm Tinkering With" which is also embedded on the home page. I'll be reserving the "Releases" section of the website for genuinely finished materials in released form. Take a stroll through the Bits and Pieces... It's kinda like getting to hang out with me while I bang on stuff, see what sticks, what doesn't... and generally just make fun noises.

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