November is Fading...

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It's been a good while since an update. We're moved into our house in Nashua with the two car garage, large back yard for the dog, an art studio for my lady, and a recording studio in the basement for myself. It's coming along.

I've been isolating the control room with the Roxul rock wool sound insulation in the floor joists beneath the living room.

Very exciting, I was monitoring the front of the house like a tweaker that just knocked off a liquor store for the UPS Man... he delivered my brand new 27" iMac, Sierra. Dual quad-core CPU, 64GB of RAM... it's a Pro Tools screamer!

Once I got some of the insulation in, I covered the bare concrete walls that have minimal framing with some vertical foam and hung guitars.

I am THRILLED to have my first piece of art for the studio! This is "Six String Melody", by Karol Good.

And so the studio is slowly unfolding, the Orange and speaker cabs and cables are a complete MESS on the floor as I experiment with signal chain and mic placement and other things.

The control desk upgrades, alongside the Monster iMac, include a PreSonus Faderport 8 production controller, which will allow me to automate mixdown with automated faders and such (get away from the mouse, go tactile) and a Pro Tools keyboard with all the Mac shortcuts I'll want handy when I get down into a mix. The new Rockville ASM5 5" 2-Way 200 Watt Active/Powered Two-Way Active Studio Monitors are a really nice touch. There will be good things coming forth "Real Soon Now(tm)".

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