Just Pluggin' Along

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Been a very busy boy... happy to have the new Orange AD-30 tube head and 2x12" Celestions in a closed back cabinet - generating tone for days. It does an excellent job of highlighting the fuzz and other effects I've taken a shine to included in the Digitech RP-360XP... it's not entirely studio quality gear, but has the kitchen sink under the hood for live performances so it's finding itself in my signal path frequently.

Went down the Apple rabbit hole AGAIN! A friend shipped me a slightly out of date iMac in hopes I could transition Pro Tools into the Mac world, work with key stroke shortcuts, all that jazz. In the end, the device was precisely old enough to be ONE damned OS X revision from capable of executing a modern copy of Pro Tools. Back to the drawing board.

In the interim, I've tried to avoid the news cycle as of late. It's very VERY depressing stuff. Along the way, however, I've found inspiration for a jingle or two.

Changes to the website too. I don't really want to babysit the extra code associated with selling songs on line. Embedding Bandcamp.com directly into the releases page seems, for the time being, to be a very good fit. (Hey bonus: we consume THEIR bandwidth for streaming, and can sell any quality .wav on down so... We'll probably continue this trend.)

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