Guess who's throwing down with Harbour KC?!!?

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Back in oh, what was it, mid to late 2016, I received a very important piece of mail. I was in the market for a new dentist in Kansas City to correct years of neglect, and the mess the Veteran's Administration left in my mouth after a botched extraction the year before. It was a very well produced, glossy advertisement, and the new patient deal was quite extraordinary.

Pretty soon, I was sitting in Dr. Robert Marx's chair, formulating a treatment plan for the 2017 calendar year. Their staff were really great at setting me at ease, as I have a tendency to get a little hyper, and have a pretty significant psychological fear of needles and pain. They took the time to help me navigate the various dental insurance options afforded me by my employer for the 2017 calendar year, and we charged ahead.

It didn't take long with my mouth (oh so punny) for pretty much everyone in the office to know I was a musician... and they began to learn the pertinent details of the last five or so years for me, starting from zero and homeless in Los Angeles all the way back to fully employed, living indoors, and eating regular in Kansas City. To use that vernacular of my youth, I am indeed "blessed" by comparison when I look around me at a fully functional home studio and a room full of guitars.

So on the 21st of November, I got together with Robert and his brother Denny, and we threw down a little jam in the garage. Turns out, despite not yet knowing how to play many songs from their repertoire, we clicked really well... and as a result, I've been invited to join their band "Harbour", and I've accepted with great enthusiasm. My spare cycles presently consist of working up the proper album-oriented guitar parts for songs such as Bad Company's "Can't Get Enough", Badfinger's "Baby Blue" (a signature tune in their live set), "Good Lovin'" by The Young Rascals, and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Gimme Three Steps". I am BEYOND excited. It's that humus, that rich, fertile dirt found within the mechanics of these and many other songs in the future, that will allow me to hone my chops all the more, while entertaining lots of folks in the Kansas City market.

"Harbour plays extensively throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area at the city’s premiere venues, rock shows, festivals, public and private events. And perhaps because of Harbour’s devotion and the energy and enthusiasm they bring to their faithful renditions of the greatest rock music of all time, Harbour has been voted Best Band in the Northland for the last two consecutive years."

I will of course continue to write, produce, and record my own music, but this is a pretty significant moment for me... and I'm very excited!

Incidentally, if you're in the market for an EXCELLENT dental practice, I cannot say enough wonderful things about the entire staff at Marx Family Dental. You can find them at If you're a new patient, hit me up... I have a promo package I can share that provides special benefits such as a low cost exam, and free SonicCare tooth brush!

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