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Casa Del Maslow Studio Updates

A while back I had Jake Reese out to record a track, and discovered I had been WAY too self-centered in my thinking when I assembled furniture and started working on material at Casa Del Maslow. The entire session was bogged down by me essentially having my back to him the entire time; not helpful AT ALL!

November is Fading...

It's been a good while since an update. We're moved into our house in Nashua with the two car garage, large back yard for the dog, an art studio for my lady, and a recording studio in the basement for myself. It's coming along.

I've been isolating the control room with the Roxul rock wool sound insulation in the floor joists beneath the living room.

New Track Dropping, Donating Dustin's Birthday to Suicide Prevention

I cannot whittle this down to a bumper sticker...
"permanent solution to temporary problems"
"in the end one needs more courage to live"
“a lot of you cared, just not enough”
(lather, rinse, repeat ad nauseum)

One of the finest human beings I have ever known shuffled off this mortal coil, by choice, and I just cannot seem to reconcile it with reality. A husband, a friend, a black rock ranger, a veteran... too many intersections and too much stinkin' thinkin' over here. And this is happening FAR too frequently among Veterans of the US Armed Forces.

New Album Forthcoming in 2017!

I'm pleased to report the fingers, despite continued numbness in the ring/pinky of my left hand, are starting to respond appropriately. I've got the framework for at least 6 tracks lined up, and am likely to cherry pick one or two from the iPad of Jank days to re-record from scratch.

This is evening and weekend work, coinciding with a move from the apartment in the Jazz District to a house in the 'burbs. I'm aiming for a November/December release date. Stay tuned!

Life can change that fast!

So in January of 2017 I had outpatient surgery to remove a testicle with what was then believed to be a trauma-based tumor from years ago. Pathology indicated cancer, specifically teratoma. CT and PET scans revealed a roughly 3 inch circular tumor in the retro peritoneum, and on April 4th I endured a second surgery to remove the tumor and adjacent lymph nodes.

I had NO IDEA how much time would be required to recover. I have a pinched nerve which unfortunately renders my third and fourth fingers on my left hand numb... so there's no guitar until this gets worked out. Grrrr!

More info to follow.

Announcing partnership with Patreon!

Dearest Friends, Family and Colleagues, I've got a special announcement that I'd love to let you in on: I just joined Patreon! In case you’re wondering, Patreon is a simple way for my fans to contribute to the way I make music and get great rewards in return. I'm going out of my way to make this a very personally engaging experience for fans contributing at all levels.

I wanted to share it with you before I sent it out. Go checkout

Just Pluggin' Along

Been a very busy boy... happy to have the new Orange AD-30 tube head and 2x12" Celestions in a closed back cabinet - generating tone for days. It does an excellent job of highlighting the fuzz and other effects I've taken a shine to included in the Digitech RP-360XP... it's not entirely studio quality gear, but has the kitchen sink under the hood for live performances so it's finding itself in my signal path frequently.

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