Lasik Sunrise

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This is the track that essentially started _everything_ for me. Originally recorded over the course of about three lunch hours back in 2006. Registered & Protected<br />

This is my debut, a one-off piece based on a funky C chord with a G root I had toyed with off and on for a while. I had Lasik surgery performed on both eyes on March 23rd... this tune reflects a lot of what was going on in my head after seeing my first sunrise sans glasses in nearly twenty years.

Anyway - this is me before the new amp, so it's the '72 tele into the GNX4 which is providing the midi drum loop, recording live to compact flash. Tracks were pulled into cakewalk, mixed down, and shot out to MP3.
Track 1 Midi Drums
Track 2/3 Stereo Rythym guitar
Track 4/5 Stereo Lead Guitar

I'm happy with most of it, right up until the break, where the lead just goes to hell in a handbasket. (Can anyone say "less is more"?)



Dustin Decker
All rights reserved
Release date:  
April 11, 2006

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