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Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" in Psychological Review. Maslow subsequently extended the idea to include his observations of humans' innate curiosity. His theories parallel many other theories of human developmental psychology, some of which focus on describing the stages of growth in humans. Maslow used the terms "physiological", "safety", "belongingness" and "love", "esteem", "self-actualization", and "self-transcendence" to describe the pattern that human motivations generally move through.

Maslow studied what he called exemplary people such as Albert Einstein, Jane Addams, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Frederick Douglass rather than mentally ill or neurotic people, writing that "the study of crippled, stunted, immature, and unhealthy specimens can yield only a cripple psychology and a cripple philosophy." Maslow studied the healthiest 1% of the college student population.

Maslow's theory was fully expressed in his 1954 book Motivation and Personality. The hierarchy remains a very popular framework in sociology research, management training[6] and secondary and higher psychology instruction.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs

Maslow lived until 1970, though, and the pyramid we're most familiar with doesn’t represent his final thoughts on the matter. In his later years, he added a new apex to the pyramid: self-transcendence.

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I was raised in the Springfield MO area, but had traveled to 6 of the 7 continents by age 24 compliments of Uncle Sam. I joined the Navy and traveled the world during the early 90's, and played pretty regular until I was married in 1996. The Ibanez RG-550 I bought myself just before I turned twenty (I was born in 1970) saw most of that travel, and finally fell apart in 1996. Not long after, music took a back seat to starting a family. By 2005 the marriage had failed and I spent some of the settlement money on new gear - namely a '72 Thinline Telecaster reissue, a Digitech GNX4, and an Orange AD30TC. I also had a Taylor 412 to keep my acoustic bug happy. I slowly assembled a small home studio, working through ProTracks, then Cuebase, before finally settling on a ProTools mAudio solution. Returning to what I loved, and what originally satisfied so many expressive needs for me, I had to work pretty hard to get close to the kind of player I once was, but my situation in life afforded me several hours to practice every day. I fell in with the open blues jam crowd at the now defunct Blayney's in Westport, playing alongside many wonderful and talented folks most every Tuesday night like Mark and Sue of Wyandotte County based "Blue 88". Iron indeed sharpens iron.

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